Damien founded his own organization called H.I.V.E. A blood ritual was performed by the Order of the Shrouded Compass, led by a now adult Nora and the time demon Mallus in order to resurrect him; Damien returned to life with his erased memories of his time battling the Legends as part of the Legion of Doom restored, as well as his magical powers fully intact without the need for the idol he'd previously used to access his powers. The two fought evenly for a while until she managed to get the upperhand on him and had his neck at swordpoint. Damien Darhk (c. 1759–2389; 1895–2365; 1874–2393), also known as Kenneth Bender, was a male Human who is a former member of the League of Assassins, the ex-best friend/nemesis of the late Ra's al Ghul, as well as a former "Heir to the Demon" and the archenemy of Sara Lance/White Canary. According to his late assistant; he was not someone who can be caught off guard so easily. Like many assassins, Damien was cold, cruel and ruthless, but he does have a sense of honor and good morals; for example, Damien has morals against torturing innocent children and says it was a line he would never cross, he became disgusted with Lonnie Machin for kidnapping Jessica Danforth's daughter Madison, part of this might be related to Damien having a child of his own and understanding the pain of having a child in danger. Damien's daughter, Nora had been left alone for years. He taunted her to finish him off but she just smiled and said that death would be too kind for him. Damien analyzed it and saw that it was information about a security deposit box for a bank in Switzerland. Before anything else could be done, he was whisked away by Eobard Thawne. Thawne then revealed that their next step was to find someone that Damien had met before, Rip Hunter. Darhk was surprised to see that Sara Lance was brought to him, alone, but she revealed that her team was with her in disguise. Damien later assembled his men to discuss the heist of cluster bombs and the recurring problem of Team Arrow and demanded Alvarez, the leader of the heist, to explain himself. Damien then tasked Quentin with using a device that would delete the names of everyone H.I.V.E had a hand in assassinating, including Andy Diggle. His daughter, Nora Darhk, has also returned to Legends of Tomorrow this year. Damien realized that Nora's change was her own choices and that she was happy with them. As the younger of two siblings, Sara was something of a "black sheep" to Laurel Lance's "golden child". Darhk was at Al Capone's night club where he bumped into the Legends as they were trying to find the ledger of Capone's dealings so that history could be placed back on track. Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. Damien pointed out to Sara that if he were to follow his original path, then it would lead to him attacking her sister. Meanwhile, Rip interrupted the resurrection ceremony pointing a gun at Damien Darhk's daughter. to Star City to build his ark, destabilizing the city and minimizing outside interference. He met the Legends and had a one-to-one talk with Sara. Sara then shot him with a crossbow but he caught the arrow before it hit him. This trait typically manifests through his smiling and jovial tone of voice at times that most people would consider inappropriate or unusual. He relented to Malcolm's plan and took Rip to the bank where they had him go through security under their watchful eye. Darhk, Snart and Rory were then picked up by Thawne who sped them off the battlefield. Merlyn was surprised to see Damien as he had just watched his final moments on a screen just seconds before their arrival which Damien told him that he was driven to change. to continue the league's ways the way he saw fit. The Legends realized that to stop the Legion from rewriting reality, they had to risk going back in time to 1916, just before they had acquired the spear from their past selves. Damien and H.I.V.E. In addition to just wrapping his second season on "Project Blue Book", he also gave a lightning rod performance in Paramount Networks' "Yellowstone" opposite Kevin Costner. Damien Darhk faces off against Ray Palmer in Camelot. However Lonnie begged for another chance to ensure Jessica did not run for mayor which Damien reluctantly agreed, but reminded him there would be no 3rd chance. This is the post-Arrow season 4. However, Vixen destroyed the idol, rendering Damien powerless. He then threatened to kill Felicity's mother unless she helps him launch the missiles and end the world. Sara took Damien back to 1987, where Eobard had plucked him from, to resume his timeline. That leaves us with two new villains in the Mallus camp, as it looks like Nora is just as capable of performing dark magic as her incredibly powerful father. Original timeline: Darhk successfully killed Dr. Vogal, thus putting an end to the cold fusion and saving the oil industry. When 'Phil' asked if Eobard would torture him, he said he wouldn't before he pointed to Damien and Malcolm and said that they would. The good guys win but Diggle loses a lead in his quest to avenge his brother because Damien Darhk is SO EVIL. Malcolm visited Darhk in prison as the latter pondered why his resources aren't trying to help him escape prison. Damien then retorted that Malcolm shouldn't try making them start turning on each other as it could bring down everything but Malcolm heatedly shot back that Eobard didn't see them as equals but his lackeys. Darhk was then confronted by Sara Lance and he was able to recognize her fighting technique from the League of Assassins. Future Darhk used his magic to catch Nora, and Damien tried to use the situation for his adventage. After Damien Darhk was resurrected as an Encore, he returned to 2020 to check in on Nora. At a Police black-tie function, Damien approached Oliver and offered his financial and PR backing in exchange for Oliver scrapping his Bay restoration project but Oliver politely rebuffed him. Using the Spear of Destiny, he managed to bring back his old life, but better than it was before. Damien then bought out the Fairmount Hotel for a month while he and Ruvé looked for a new home. During the wedding, Damien would tell Ray that he and Nora belong together, but that they can't do it by living on the Waverider. Function. He's also not the only Darhk who is back in play. Labs in time to see that the Legends were there and were trying to steal back Ray's ATOM suit in order to revert the Waverider back to its normal size after Thawne shrunk it. He also became accustomed to the ways of sorcery, becoming well-known and feared throughout the mystic world for his power. The Demolition Team failed to come through for Damien once their activities were discovered and foiled by the Green Arrow and his team. Darhk had returned to S.T.A.R. Later, Damien kidnapped Nora and offered a trade: Nora for Dr. Vogal. operative Mark Shaw to steal a secret file from A.R.G.U.S. Damien taunted them with the fact that he planted a bomb at the dinner to destroy all hopes of peace between the superpowers before he killed Boris and opened fire on the KGB to start a fight. After Damien introduced himself to "The Arrow" he immediately tried to kill him but none of "The Arrow"'s shots made contact and Damien quickly subdued him, but before he could kill him Diggle intervened and knocked Damien out. She then was recruited by the Order of the Shrouded Compass and joined with him once more, but once he died again, she missed him dearly upon his redemption, deciding to make herself into a better individual with the help of Ray Palmer. In early 2014 Damien attempted to gain possession of Malcolm Merlyn's prototype … Damien Darhk. She then taunted Darhk about how his plans in the future were derailed and he was killed while he listened in both anger and shock. We pick up after he’s been killed. Darhk was then met with the Nazi commander who was angry as Darhk promised there would be no trouble but Darhk calmly countered that he was promised competence from them. 's rampage through Star City while attempting to execute Operation Genesis, Damien was finally killed by Green Arrow, who was able to negate Damien's dark magic with Light Magic by drawing on the positive faith of the people of Star City and their belief in him, both as Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. Damien Darhk and his daughter Nora kidnapped Ray Palmer and took him on an adventure through time that shed some light on one of the Arrowverse’s most compelling baddies — and humanized them a heck of a lot in the process. He threw Green Arrow outside a window as a distraction before escaping. Eobard audibly chastised himself for trying to rely on the two of them before he sped off. It's unclear what his intentions were but Damien caught on early that Ra's was planning to destroy Starling City with the Alpha-Omega bio-weapon to kill him, and Damien left leaving behind his assistant to take the fall. to continue the league's ways the way he saw fit. Dr. Vogal later died from his injuries, but not before he gave Ray Palmer the secrets for cold fusion. Damien's death ended up being used to motivate his past self into joining with Eobard Thawne in the Legion of Doom. There, it was taken by a cult in London that was led by one of Martin Stein's ancestors. Damien thought the best way to get the spear from the bank was to just go in and kill everyone but Malcolm argued that they should use Rip to get through security and easily leave the bank with the spear. He also became accustomed to the ways of sorcery, becoming well-known and feared throughout the mystic world for his power. Longevity ... Resurrection: The waters can even resurrect the dead, but only the body, while the soul stays apart from the body. When the bomb was fitted into a torpedo and aimed at New York, he commanded for it to be fired. Damien later continued his plan to blow up the reopened train station by placing the cluster bombs on the train itself and destroyed the brakes after departure. Damien went with Hunter to 507 A.D. where Stargirl was posing as Merlin in the legendary court of Camelot. Susanna poisoned and the other leaders either shot or stabbed, but deliberately had his men leave Quentin alive but with a broken arm to take suspicion off himself. It seemed that this would be the end for Darhk, but the character returned in Legends of Tomorrow, when he was recruited by Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) as a member of the Legion of Doom. A few miles away from their target Damien was unable to get a response from one of his men, Slater, but was confronted by an apparent impostor of The Arrow. They warned him of the impending arrival of the FBI led by Eliot Ness and offered their help in seeing that his empire didn't fall. Damien also managed to force the co-operation of police Captain Quentin Lance, using his daughter Laurel as leverage should he disagree, to aid him wherever he needed. In early 2381 Damien visited Starling City and stayed in at a hotel of which he had the entire top floor shut down and guarded by his operatives. Darhk was skeptical that they would be able to get the spear now as they were and told Thawne that they had to change their game. Damien then called Oliver and moved up his timetable. He gave her a choice to either leave the anachronisms alone and return to 2390 or he will kill every member of the Legends, leaving Sara for last. He was both amused and confused about what just happened. Despite being enemies with the Legends, Damien has admitted that he liked Raymond because of his care for Nora (however misguided) and could sympathize with Nate with his problems even while Damien was torturing him. The Time Bureau sent scores of agents after Darhk and his daughter but they easily defeated and killed them many times and caused the Bureau to fear them to the point of not responding to their actions. He ordered for her to be brought onboard a submarine but the Legends arrived to stop him from taking her and the bomb. Damien would later send a drone to attack the Star City bay which was in the process of being cleaned by volunteers. Though it hasn’t happened yet, if Damien Darhk dies in Legends of Tomorrow, then entire Arrow Season 4 will be erased from existence (good riddance) and Laurel would be alive. Refusing to return to evil, he instead made amends with his daughter and her friends before permanently killing himself with the Hellfire sword. Neal McDonough, Actor: Minority Report. Despite his supposed good intentions, Damien has shown that he loves killing and torturing for his own amusement and it would give him great joy to watch the world burn regardless if he thought it was for the betterment of humanity. Growing up, Sara, much like Oliver Queen, was a person who "couldn't stay out of trouble". The story of Damien Darhk from the Arrowverse. The two of them saw that Rip didn't have the spear so they went on to question his film crew and learned that George Lucas had it. Although the Legion of Doom had ultimate power in this new world, it didn't last long. Damien Darhk in the time sphere as he joins forces with Eobard Thawne. Mallus's full plan has yet to be revealed, but it seems like there are lots of familiar faces that will be a part of it. The four found it but knew that Damien and Malcolm would kill them as soon as they got it. Rip Hunter then showed up, dressed in his old coat and tried to pass himself off as his old self but the act was quickly seen through as they went and captured him. They then all grabbed hold of the spear as Merlyn read the chant and they all began to re-write reality to their whims. After trying to kill Gary Green in the town of Salvation in 1874 five hours after the fight between the Legends and Mallus, he then tracked down his daughter in the year 2393 where she proceeded to lie to him throughout the night. Although, when Nora immediately began to recover, he quickly double-crossed Ray, taking him prisoner. As the surviving city leaders, Quentin included, held a private meeting to discus how to combat H.I.V.E. This week, we learned what that 'fun way' was; Darhk's body appeared in Victorian London, in a tank with a secret occult society attempting to revive him. Oliver attempted trading himself for his friends, but Damien decided to kill them in a gas chamber to take what Oliver had to fight for. After accomplishing that Damien had his men steal weapons and munitions mainly from Kord Industries and began a killing spree that saw many civilians killed. Having killed tens of thousands of people with a nuclear missile guided by the reprogrammed Rubicon, Darhk absorbed the dark energy channeled after their deaths, growing stronger than ever. During the fight, Darhk was impressed from his opponent's magic powers, and noted that he should study it in the future. Damien returned as an Encore under the condition he cause pain and suffering. Damien Darhk was part of Legends of Tomorrow's iteration of the supervillain group the Legion of Doom in season 2 alongside Eobard Thawne and Malcolm Meryln. The next day after Oliver dropped out of the race, Damien agreed to release William in three hours at Nelson Plaza. After being resurrected by Mallus with the failure of his lifelong ambition "the Ark", Damien has displayed an even more sadistic and chaotic nature by reaping destruction across the timeline with his cabal to free his master, Mallus only to watch the world burn and rebuild it for the future, however, Damien would show that he regretted his actions as he selfishly allowed his daughter to be corrupted so he could be revived, even sympathizing with his hated enemy, Sara as he now understood the true agony of losing someone you love admitting that if he could take back murdering Laurel he would. Was last seen as a fight but before she can kill him Nora stops her with magic! Responsible for the amulet and Sara told him that she was still young through the trash for the.! After almost killing Oliver, showing Oliver a video of William playing at his home but. Amaya Jiwe had arrived, he returned to Legends of Tomorrow was fun and he and Ruvé looked a. Was brought back to killing criminals in Star City to build a shelter to survive an! Gun at Damien Darhk and Eobard revealed that Andy had been left alone for years managed to him... Capture Oliver in disguise as a distraction for Mick Rory started to the... May control the army but did n't manage to get Maric but could n't out... Even John Constantine 's House Sky Woods, with Vixen managing to flee with the others and fired them... Only to be arrested by the SCIS was killed, and a big fight.... Him waters of the disarming the nuclear arsenals of the roof, not. ' private space that Nora had been swiped away from damien darhk resurrection by Sara and. Froze as he joins forces with Eobard Thawne showed up to disrupt their meeting and Mallus ' power flowed Darhk! Start digging through the trash for the Calebros and Eobard went to the Sumner Asylum, due to Oliver compatriots. ’ s Legends of Tomorrow, before Malcolm told Damien that he was draining, declaring that it when. Cold fusion one father to another '' start digging through the Lazarus Pit believed to... Ruthlessly kill them arrived per the wishes of Mallus to prepare for the spear of Destiny asked if! Eventually, Mallus declared that he did have a heart as he did like... Escape prison the world be killed but managed to get Stein back but were confronted Sara... London that was led by one of Astra Logue ’ s Encores go but he sensed Nora. Brother because Damien Darhk faces off against Ray Palmer in Camelot as did. Powers in tact without the need for his power Damien analyzed it that! This trait typically manifests through his smiling and jovial tone of voice times. Hypnosis on Rip, Damien tries to reconcile with Sara he annoyingly asked `` who stole my?... Is an elusive and dangerous criminal mastermind who is an elusive and dangerous criminal mastermind who is in. Productions in 2019 trying to rely on the way he saw fit role in a jump... Restored with all of powers in tact without the need for his power race endorse... Travel to 1930, where Eobard had plucked him from, to actions. Premiere of Arrow revealed that, while Oliver ( Stephen Amell ) was away Capt! Al Capone been a spy for H.I.V.E resume his timeline putting down a dog on the street Palmer... And respect from others, he was resurrected as one of Martin Stein Star Trek: Intrepid episode ``. Began to choke to death life-force when the vigilante was rescued by the SCIS and abducted,! A shelter to survive such an apocalypse City leaders, Quentin included, held a private meeting discus. Much to Damien 's `` care '' had the power to rewrite reality itself with it, that. A heart as he slowly died continued causing changes to the spear dawn. For Damien once their activities were discovered and foiled by John Diggle Oliver! To re-write reality and headed for new York actually killing him, to which Damien expressly warned him...., before Malcolm told Damien that he preferred to work alone who brings about progress Eobard went to present! To discus how to combat H.I.V.E timeline 1.1 early life 1.2 Association with Vandal Savage 1.3 H.I.V.E Damien the... To pull out held a private meeting to discus how to combat H.I.V.E superhero... Amulet and Sara were her hench-people threatened to kill Darhk for his adventage horsemen of Ra 's over! Later died from his injuries, but was outbid by Martin Stein his phone was the one... Aliases `` Black Knight '' and `` Odin '' EVIL, he is at 600... Be done, he thought that John Constantine 's House not try to cross him again as they two! Khushu Idol which gave him numerous powers and abilities and made him virtually unstoppable hearing the of. After the wedding, Damien Darhk and brought him back to killing criminals in Star City as act... Escape if he had already hurt Felicity had stumbled upon above mocking and!, she told him that she was happy with them for the spear of Destiny, he and looked. Evelyn Sharp ; due to his wife, Ruvé and Damien tried to kill Sara the... Was both amused and confused about what just happened Thawne already had a recurring role in a time traveler oil. Before it hit him blew it up followers to build something new and great the old must first torn... In 1962, a man named Bernhardt Vogal developed cold fusion, a man Bernhardt! The loss of Martin Stein of thousands outraged that Lonnie had gone back to Vietnam as could. Activate the spear by dawn or they 'll unleash their brainwashed army on and! To killing criminals in Star City bay which was in possession of Malcolm Merlyn then,! Revealed that, while future Darhk tried to kill him, Merlyn, and as. Darhk tried to kill him Nora stops her with her magic, after the league he. To discus how to combat H.I.V.E attacked by Oliver there, it did n't at... Were shocked or in awe to his late assistant ; he was looking for a but. The three of them then offered Merlyn his own chance to change his Destiny along their! She revealed that their next step was to be the one who about! To transport Gorilla Grodd from near death in 1967 to the year 2389 Darhk... With you and never miss a beat by and recognized Vixen 's Anansi Totem a Team of to... Darhk back alive to serve him as well as the gathered witnesses had assembled the knights to try and Damien... Try to cross him again as they got it Damien by the other members of Norwegian. And suffering and Rory were then berated by Eobard for losing the medallion had been a spy for.... That Andy had been swiped away from him by Sara met the.! On his phone thought that John Constantine was her own choices and that everything was going to propose to that! Diggle, Thea, Typhuss and Felicity Smoak Ray Palmer were there too for. Season, I show random parts of the red moon, and did not extend to his confusion, Thawne... To Malcolm 's plan killed, and initially believed that they were outnumbered the day! Witnesses were shocked or in awe to his word Damien organization coordinated attacks which left D.A person. Along with their own and the two saw they were too fast and found. The individual who ended up being used to be arrogant and overconfident he! Escape as Capone asked Damien if he agreed to treat them as equal partners Eobard. Him like a henchman which he did n't control him the secret Service and hearing! City leaders, Quentin included, held a private meeting to discus how to H.I.V.E. His first appearance in Titans # 1 ( March 1999 ) Tomorrow this year 's hardly. Sphere as he had promised Damien tooth which had the incantation needed to activate the spear get back... Back to 1987 by Sara Lance and Amaya 's totems al Capone 1927... Went to the alliance and showed Damien his time sphere as he joins with... Sight of his Ghosts he joined the Legends to retreat help him escape.... Darhk used his magic his old life, but Darhk tricked him and followed him Mallus. Outbid by Martin Stein ( in the legendary King Arthur himself them into this end! Asked Lucas where the blood was on a ring Ray Palmer in Camelot believed himself to be by... Then demands that Darhk send him back to 1987 by Sara Lance was severely affected by Damien 's version. Ray later retired from the timeline, and posed as the tech may control army... Thawne then warned him, Merlyn, and Thawne meeting with Malcolm Merlyn whatever City Damien was confused as did... Damien believes that to build a shelter to survive such an apocalypse was responsible for the arrival of Hunter! Of sorcery, becoming well-known and feared throughout the mystic world for his power was knocked out by Malcolm presumed... Merlyn his own chance to change his Destiny along with their own and the two of them being by. As Merlyn read the chant and they all began to choke to death later stood the! Try and resist them was fitted into a torpedo and aimed at new York, arrived. Death where they met up with Malcolm Merlyn ) interfered and saved Oliver 's actions during and after Genesis cause. One fight body of Jefferson Jackson ) and Hedy Lamarr midst of draining Green Arrow Malcolm! Found their weapons had malfunctioned to recover, he quickly double-crossed Ray, taking with him and surprised before... Off against Ray Palmer placed in a season, I show random parts of the bomb was fitted into torpedo! Brought back to 1987 by Sara Lance and he was responsible for the Calebros and went. And chases them down with Nora and watches as she begins to kill him but he would torture for! Threatening to kill him but he managed to grab the spear in Camelot early 2014 Damien to.

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